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Private house
Project Title

Dutch house

Art Project

Year / 2018

Free work based on the project of Bedaux de Brouwer Architecten, privat house built  in  beautiful rural suburb of Tilburg. 

"House Berkel-Enschot is situated within a rural landscape of profound beauty. Next to a green triangular shaped juncture there’s a collection of old barns and farmhouses. The principal idea was to design a residence that would fit well within this setting and would offer lots of interesting views outward, from an interior immersed in light.

The house has been designed as a modern interpretation of the archetypal longhouse. It has a dominant roof with a low gutter, which is a feature to be found on many of the nearby farms. By using primarily regional materials the house nestles in-between the vernacular buildings and fuses with its natural surroundings." -said the architect.

house village

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