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Project Title

Mediterranean cuisine restaurant 

Client /  Architekton 

Location / Stuttgart, Germany

Year / 2021

Сonceptual image of a mediterranean cuisine restaurant. As a promotional image, the main objective was to display the friendly, warm atmosphere of the southern diner. As the restaurant specializes in healthy food using seasonal products and provides a wide vegan and vegetarian menu, the interior was conceived using natural materials - various combinations of warm wooden surfaces and polished concrete. Greens play a special role in the interior palette - its abundance on the ceiling and on the terrace emphasizes the nature-friendly concept of the establishment. Individual lighting above each table creates an intimate atmosphere for guests, especially in the evening.


Together with light and healthy oriental-mediterranean cuisine, refreshing drinks and sunshine, the interior sets the mood of tranquility and ease of relaxation in one of the lively quarters of Stuttgart.

tableware and food on the table in restaurant

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