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privat house visualization
Project Title

Single family house

Client /  Architekton 

Location / Baden, Austria

Year / 2019

Private house located in Baden, known as a spa resort near Vienna. The house is situated on a corner section of the street and barriers the street space from the yard. Made in a minimalistic manner, the peculiarity of the structure is the twist of the first floor relative to the ground floor. On the first floor, according to the usual scheme, there are such premises for daytime stays as the living room, kitchen, dining room and auxiliary rooms. On the second floor there are mainly bedrooms. A large terrace with a sunshade connects a residential building and a garage. Large openings and panoramic glazing from the courtyard side contrasts sharply with the predominantly solid walls of the street fasade. This emphasizes the connection of the house with its own plot, where the most enjoyable attributes of a out-of-town relaxation - a pool with a green lawn - are located.

single family house swmming pool
privat house

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