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Якорь 1

Implementation of your design ideas using computer graphics tools that are fully responsive to real surfaces, textures and interior items. Flexible task settings - several design options, lighting scenarios, images quantity - everything to represent you work in a best way.

Interior visualization

Displaying the appearance of a future building and it's territory in a real location environment model , including greenery, infrastructure, ways, etc. Qualitative realistic images from multiple points will help in a better perception of the value of the project.

Architectural visualization

Якорь 3

3d plans

Combines the advantages of a drawing and renderings - they display a plan drawing, and at the same time shows interior items or even the whole room in 3d space.

Price based on your specification

and product complexity.

Please contact for cost estimation.

3d modeling & product visualization

Якорь 2

VR tour 360°

An interactive panoramic walk-through of any space you wish.

You, your customer or website visitor will be able to move between key points of the premises and observe them in all directions. Thanks to our own technology, it is possible to interact with the scene - see information about objects and replace them, change materials, colors, lighting. This way you are able to demonstrate several design variations in one tour.

The tour is available on any device including smartphone and is compatible with all kind of headsets like Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, etc.


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